How do you export guides from Illustrator to Photoshop.

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 So, you set up an amazing image in Adobe illustrator and carefully and exactly laid out some guides... Perhaps your plan was to create slices from those guides, until you found that the “create slices from guides” option in Adobe Illustrator sucks balls. Or maybe you are making a web graphic and want to set up slices in Photoshop because you want exact pixel control where the image will be sliced.

Regardless the reason, you simply want to copy the guides from illustrator and paste them into Photoshop, or export/import them, whatever, you want to move Adobe illustrator guides to Adobe Photoshop.

Well...  I have good news and bad news:
The bad news is as far as I know there is not way to actually export/copy/move guides from Illustrator to photoshop. The good news is that you can easily covert guides to objects and from there you can copy them out of Illustrator and paste them into Photoshop.
Simple solution to move your Illustrator guides to photoshop:

1) Select all the guides in Illustrator:

The easy way to do this is; to make sure your file is saved (then save it as a copy for safety).  Go to the menu view>guides and click “lock guides”. With the guides locked, use cmd-a (ctrl-a on windows) to select all. Delete all the objects in your document, the guides will stay. Go back to the menu view>guides and unlock them. With your guides unlocked, juts press cmd-a again and it will select all the guides.

2) Change the guides to objects:

With your guides selected, go to the menu view>guides and click “release guides” (this turns your guides into objects).
(Illustrator guides converted to objects)

3) Copy the Guides:

Simply copy the guides in Illustrator and paste them into photoshop as a “smart vector” (NOTE: you may need to create a blank rectangle the size of the art board and send it to the back for the guides to copy correctly and you might also want to change the stroke thickness/colour.
An alternative method to copying and pasting the guides is to simply to save the file (with only the guides which have been released/turned into objects) and then drop that file on photoshop to import it.
(Illustrator guides imported into Photoshop)
I hope that helped you get you guides over to Photoshop from Illustrator.