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I love science. There is something amazing about having an understanding of the principal forces at work in the universe. I don't profess to be particularly knowledgeable when it comes to science or physics, but I still love the subject.

Sometimes the absolute best moments in science are when a physics experiment is caught on video perfectly setup and perfectly timed.

Without further ado, please enjoy some of my favourite moments in Physics caught on tape:

Which falls fastest, a bowling ball or feathers?

Obvious right? A bowling ball. But not because it's heavier,  because its weight allows it to push through the resisting air underneath it as it falls. Because feathers are light, they cut through the air in the same way but are more greatly affected by wind resistance. But what would have if you drop both in a vacuum? We know what happens normally, so it's hard to imagine feathers and a bowling ball falling at the same rate, it seems like it's outside our paradigm about how things work. But drop feathers and a bowling ball together in a vacuum... we'll take a look for yourself:

bowling ball vs feathers falling animated gif

Tautochrone Curve:

Wht's this? Just youtubereV-Sauce and Adma Savage (formally of Mythbusters) showing us how a Tautochrone curve works. Which ball will arrive first? Take a look for yourself.

More about Tautochrone curves here.

Oh, and here's another nice one. In case you missed it the point is that no matter where ball starts rolling on the tautochrone curve it will arrive athe bottom in the same amount of time.

Ball shot out of the back of truck is the perfect result.

Physic question. What would happen if you shoot a ball in the opposite direction off the back of a moving truck at precisely the same velocity as the truck is moving? See for yourself in this short clip from the show Mythbusters. Mind blowing, I could watch this all day.

ball fired out the back of truck physic experiment video

Helicopter rotor blades synched with video capture frame rate.

Helicopter rotor blades are constantly spinning, so in a fraction of a second, they rotate 360 degrees (one full circle). What happens if you film a helicopter taking off the frame rate of the video perfectly synced to one full rotation of the helicopter rotor blades. This happens:

Lastly, just for fun: A bird bouncing a ball and a Monkey blown away by a magic trick: