Samsung Galaxy tab running iOS (lol)

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The other day I noticed something strange at

The home page of sugarsyncs 5gb (currently) cloud storage service shows an image of it's software running on three devices. The first, an Apple MacBook Pro, the second is an Apple iPhone and it would appear that in an effort to not be completely Apple biased, is a tablet of some description (what appears to be a samsung galaxy tab).

But take a second look, I've shown the whole page below, with part of it at full size. Can you seen that? As far as I'm concerned they've just photoshopped the iPad app into the other tablet...

C'mon SugarSync that's your iPad software, why not just show the iPad itself?! lol.

At the bottom I've deliberately shown a crop of the top left corner from an iPad at a similar lo res. I'll take this opportunity to recommend the iPad, it's a phenomenal device!

Samsung Galaxy tab running iOS cheap photoshop job on Sugar Sync homepage