• Germany on the rise song #Achtung #socialjustice

    I love this German "Be Deutsch" song about being tolerant and forward thinking. I love it, because this is the only Germany I know. I was amazed when I arrived in Germany many years ago (I lived there for about three years) that people weren’t just tolerant, they were intolerant of intolerance. In a way only Germans could be. They genuinely had learnt from what had happened in the past. That it wasn't just wrong/never to be repeated, it seamed they set the bar high for social justice and freedom, constantly redefining it and pushing to be more open and more accepting. I genuinely think their society has benefited greatly. That's why I like the song. The irony of "Germany on the Rise", the sort of phrase which seams like it comes from the third Reich, but in this context, means the complete opposite. It's about the rise of the new Germany with social justice at it’s core. The other part of the song Be Deutsch that I love is "proud not to be proud". I'm pretty much of the opinion that National Pride and Patriotism are just forms of bigotry.

  • Guy swinging an #iPhone around while #skiiing #snow #fun #youtube

    iPhones can do a prey cool slow-mo, so what happens when a guy swings an iPhone around himself while skiing down a hill? Oh nothing much, just this:


  • Handheld Tesla Coil gun filmed at high speed #slomo #science #crazy

    Smarter everyday shows a Handheld Tesla Coil at high speed. But you have to wonder, how dangerous is it to have a handheld tesla coil? So is it really SMARTER every day?

  • New Top Gear Series 24 trailer #topgear #cars

    Here are two of the new Top Gear Trailers.

    I’ve always been an on and off fan of Top Gear. I never like Jeremy Clarkson abut I enjoyed the format of the show and I like Mat Le Blancs involvement. I’m looking forward to a new series, in any case it’s fun to watch these two trailers:

    The NEW New Top Gear Series 24 trailer

    and then there's this...

    A slightly older a, longer more advertisement style trailer for Top Gear series 24.

    I hope there are more Electric cars in New Top Gear Series 24.

  • Swordsprite (my son) plays #Minecraft Turf Wars #Mineplex

    My son just wan'ts to play games and share it with the world (here is swordsprites chanel). This is his new Minecraft lets play video, playing minecraft on the mineplex server online:

    Minecraft Turf Wars Mineplex:


  • Trolling @POTUS @realdonaldtrump @budwiser reminds that modern #Amercia was built by #nativeamericans and, you guessed it; #immigrants

    Budweiser’s new Super Bowl ad shatters the truth about wanting immigrants out of you country is nothing but bigotry and the sense that you are somehow better than another person because of where you were born. We were all born somewhere. We all have a brain and we all contribute. The idea that just because people come from a less advantaged environment they are also less able to contribute is flat out stupidity and quite frankly it's reprehensible that the president of a country shows such stupidity. Good on you Budweiser for reminding us that great ideas come from anywhere and anyone and the best way to spur innovation is to mix it all up.

    Budweiser’s 2017 Super Bowl ad: