• Germany on the rise song #Achtung #socialjustice

    I love this German "Be Deutsch" song about being tolerant and forward thinking. I love it, because this is the only Germany I know. I was amazed when I arrived in Germany many years ago (I lived there for about three years) that people weren’t just tolerant, they were intolerant of intolerance. In a way only Germans could be. They genuinely had learnt from what had happened in the past. That it wasn't just wrong/never to be repeated, it seamed they set the bar high for social justice and freedom, constantly redefining it and pushing to be more open and more accepting. I genuinely think their society has benefited greatly. That's why I like the song. The irony of "Germany on the Rise", the sort of phrase which seams like it comes from the third Reich, but in this context, means the complete opposite. It's about the rise of the new Germany with social justice at it’s core. The other part of the song Be Deutsch that I love is "proud not to be proud". I'm pretty much of the opinion that National Pride and Patriotism are just forms of bigotry.

  • Handbrake Constant Quality, Which is better, higher or lower? #video #webdesign #streaming

    SOLVED Handbrake Constant Quality Which is better higher or lower


    Constant Quality, Which is better, higher or lower? The quick answers (because that’s what you want right?):

    • Does going up or down improve quality on using "Constant Quality" on handbrake: Sliding the slider to the right and decreasing the number reduces compression and increase quality.
    • What is the best setting for high quality with "Constant Quality" on handbrake: There really isn’t any need to go with a number lower than 19 you will get larger file sizes but hardly notice the difference.
    • What is the best setting for a low file size with decent quality: 22 is your go-to number in "Constant Quality" if you want low file size by ok quality. Use 23 or even 24 if you really need a low file size, 21 if you are looking for the best mix of quality and low files size (i.e. low file size is important, but not your primary goal).
    • What setting in Handbrake will help me prepare the file for streaming on the internet? If you are going to stream on the internet, click the option Web Optimised. This will prepare your video so that that it downloads section after section in the right order and can start playing faster.

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  • Nothing. Just a cool #video of an extreem high diver. Def. worth a watch #cool #extreme

    Get into the mind of an extreme high diver right before the dive.

    Made even more beutifull by extreme use of slo-mo... enjoy.

    IMPACT from Bluearth production on Vimeo.