• A great top down shooter #Unity tutorial that will show you how easily you can make games.


    Making video games is getting easier and easier thanks to great tools like Unity a 3D and 2D (and even 2.5D) video game building application. If you ever wanted to learn how to build a video game, Unity is fairly easy to use. You can almost get way with building game completely without learning code. It's not quite as easy as some click and build game creators but it is a professional video game development tool that is relatively easy to use.

  • Change the texture of a duplicated prefab in unity (How to) #unity

    Fix the problem that changing a duplicate prefab material changes the material on the original

    Help! I can't change the texture/map of a prefab I duplicated without also changing the original Prefab in unity game engine!

    Does this sound like the problem? You duplicated a prefab in Unity and when you go to change it's texture, map or colour you find the original prefab changes too? You ask yourself; Is this an instance? Are the prefabs connected? Do I have to somehow ungroup them, disconnect them or break them?

  • How to flip normals in Cinema 4D #3D #Cinema4D

    Flipping normals in cinema 4D. It's easy. But when I had a 3D game object which was viewed from the ouside but was invisible to the renderer because the normals weren't on the correct side, do you think I could find a quick explanation? So if you are looking to find out how to flip normals in Cineam 4D I hope this helps:

    Cinema 4D filp normals

    This pic show how you can flip the normals in Cinema 4D is easy,... once you know how.