• Diesel should never be this cheap! @Greenpeace @climateprogress @TreeHugger @teslamotors @EnviroAction #environmental

    When some people look the picture below (I took at the pump this week) they might be happy. Perhaps even the majority. I'm not. I'm disgusted. I think fossil fuels should be expensive, or at the very least we should have a system in place to stop the price dropping. Why? Because people are stupid. Thinking about their own personal benefit instead of the future of the planet, which is ironically is more personally beneficial than saving a few bucks today. If that´s not stupid I don't know what is.

    We need oil prices to be high. People don't care about working to reduce our reliance on fossil fuel unless it hits them in the pocket. Yes, there was even a part of me that was happy about how cheap it was, but a bigger part of me knew what this means and just thought: This. Is. Shit.

    Here's hoping more companies follow #teslamotors and say "enough is enough, there is only one way forward - environmentally conscious transport" (my quote not theirs). Anything else is just soiling our own nest.

    Diesel at 87 cents at the petrol pump




  • Handheld Tesla Coil gun filmed at high speed #slomo #science #crazy

    Smarter everyday shows a Handheld Tesla Coil at high speed. But you have to wonder, how dangerous is it to have a handheld tesla coil? So is it really SMARTER every day?

  • Why combustion engine cars are dead #Tesla #tsla #eco

    At some point there may have been an argument against electric cars that was valid, but not any more.

    Now things are different. Combustion engine cars are nothing but fossels from a bygone era.

    Now there is only one type of motor to put in a car and that's an electric one.

    An electric motor not only provides a clear view of humanities endgame for transportation without pollution, it also offers the one thing that will convert die hard car enthusiast once reluctant to embrace the technology; Power. Real, go faster power.

    We may not have all the infrastructure in place to provide all the electricity we need greenly in every part of the world, but that's solvable and there are many parts of the world where renewable electricity is generated.

    If you don't believe the writing is on the wall for combustion engines, just take a look at this youtube video where some lucky Australians get to race a Tesla Model S P90D against a very capable V8 (If you have never been to Austalia, let me tell you, they love V8's, they even have their own racing events specifically for fully tuned  V8's):

    Please note: this looks like an older video, the Tesla Model S P90D is now available with the option for even more power and instead of "insane mode" it now can be configured (if you pay extra) with "Ludicrous mode" which brings the 0-100kmh figure to just 2.8 seconds.

    Watch as a Tesla eats up a V8 and then is surprised as another, more powerful challenge arrives…