• @Viewmaster great evolution of the viewmaster, #kids will love it!

    Did you have a Viewmaster? I did, great fun. Well now there are a lot of 3D experiences you can have with your iPhone like, for example I bought a Google cardboard (a cardboard virtual reality viewer for you iPhone - hint: it's shit, cardboard 2,3 or later should be much better).

    So how does Viemaster compete with other VR iPhone products? Like this… (I found myself saying "that's pretty neat", so I had to share). I think Viewmaster have done a great job in preserving the old Viewmaster experience in a modern format…

    If you want to introduce you kids to VR then this new Viewmaster for iPhone looks like great fun!

    (um works with Android too)


  • Death to #Whatsapp? A new instant message app with end to end encryption might be your future #killerapp - #Bleep.

    OK. I'm not sure this will take off enough to bring a death blow to the popular Whatsapp message service, but if the information I've read about Whatsapp security is anything to go by, I hope so.

    Bleep is a new messaging service with real security and privacy features built in. I have yet to try this out for myself, but I already use Bit Torrent Sync and I love it. I'll definitely be testing it out this week and hopefully have an idea know pretty soon if it has the capacity to be a Whatsapp killer. If Bleep did take off, that would mean a big faceplam for Facebook who purchased Whatsapp for a nearly $19Billion.

  • How @Endgadget poo-pooed @Nokia's C.E.O too soon. Turns out. He was right. Kinda. #tech

    On 04.21.10 Engadget ran this story entitled: "CE-Oh no he didn't" quoting Nokias then CEO Anssi Vanjoki who said camera phones were about to make SLR obsolete. Engadget was quick to poo-poo his vision because, as any photographer knows, the lens is an important part of the photography process and those tiny (and I do mean tiny) camera phone lenses would never be up to par, would they?

  • How to install CardDAV on a #Synology Diskstation

    How do I install CardDAV on a #Synology Diskstation? <tutorial>

     Connect to the CardDAV Server on your Synology Diskstation

    Ok you got a Sinology Disktation and you know it can be used to sync contacts across multiple devices using a thing called CardDAV, but you can’t quite see where to set that up? Sounds like me, I could only find a wall of old information on the internet, none of it relevant to a Sinology disk station using  DSM 5.1. (DSM is the operating system of Sinology Disk stations - you find out which operating system your Sinology is using by logging in, clicking the control panel and then clicking the icon; “Info Center”).

    I couldn’t find an easy explanation about CardDAV and how to set it up on my Mac, so I decided to find out and then write one (even if you don’t have a Mac the basic installation of CardDAV using your sinology interface will help windows users get started too).