• @Viewmaster great evolution of the viewmaster, #kids will love it!

    Did you have a Viewmaster? I did, great fun. Well now there are a lot of 3D experiences you can have with your iPhone like, for example I bought a Google cardboard (a cardboard virtual reality viewer for you iPhone - hint: it's shit, cardboard 2,3 or later should be much better).

    So how does Viemaster compete with other VR iPhone products? Like this… (I found myself saying "that's pretty neat", so I had to share). I think Viewmaster have done a great job in preserving the old Viewmaster experience in a modern format…

    If you want to introduce you kids to VR then this new Viewmaster for iPhone looks like great fun!

    (um works with Android too)


  • Cheapest printers to run (lowest cost of ownership).

    So, I made a short video because one of the biggest problems people have is finding a printer that is cheap to run. At home or in the office the problem generally with home printers is that they cost to much to use.

    Because I've been in the printing industry for twenty years, I know the one thing you need to look out for when you want a cheap printer. It's not the cost of purchasing it, it's the running cost. This video shows a new type of printer which drastically brings down the running cost making these printers the lowest cost per page and the

    to own and run.

    One thing I will say though, they aren't fast. If you're organised like me, it's not a problem. Where I work it's a different story. They suddenly want pages and pages of print without any warning and they are always complaining about how slow the printer is (so the are going to replace it with a machine which will cost about 150€ per month more for the same amount of print).

    Anyway, if you want a printer with the lowest per page cost, this is it. It's great for the home or office just prepare for the fact that it is slow:

  • How @Endgadget poo-pooed @Nokia's C.E.O too soon. Turns out. He was right. Kinda. #tech

    On 04.21.10 Engadget ran this story entitled: "CE-Oh no he didn't" quoting Nokias then CEO Anssi Vanjoki who said camera phones were about to make SLR obsolete. Engadget was quick to poo-poo his vision because, as any photographer knows, the lens is an important part of the photography process and those tiny (and I do mean tiny) camera phone lenses would never be up to par, would they?

  • Why our thinking about global warming and fossil fuels is all wrong.

    Our planet is getting warmer. Our fossil fuels are dwindling. Oh well, pass the nuts.

    I am constantly dismayed at how little is actually done by people about Global Warming (other than complain that something must be done). I asked around the office how many people recycle and it turned out that I was the only person who recycled everything. A select few recycled their paper and many recycled glass, and that's it. Plastic, oh, that just went in with the normal rubbish.