• New #webdesign Molinos MODO coffee grinder company.

    My latest website build: Coffee Grinders Company MODO


    Molinos MODO Screenshot of Banner on web page

    We just rolled out our latest website build. I work for a group of coffee companies ins Spain related to the coffee trade. In the group there is a company which makes coffee capsules, another which does coffee beans for the hospitality trade and there are some which make those same products but just in a different price range.

    (Update. I no longer work at Molinos MODO).
  • What colour should my logo be?


    Logos of the world
    Some popular logos of the world


    Designing a logo is a great responsibility. It will be the symbol which will be associated with the business for quite a while to come. When you are designing a logo quite often one of the biggest questions is which colour should it be?

    Really the number one answer to that is what every looks good to you and seams to portray you in the right light. Whatever appeals to you as the right colour for your logo is probably also the best for the general public. There is no magic colour which gets "more sales".