Apples to Apples, Macs are cheaper than Windows PC's

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Yes (yawn), I'm sick of telling people, Macs are cheaper than Windows PC's. They are cheaper to own. The Apple Mac offers many cost savings for the user over time, so if you consider a comparison between a Mac and a PC of similar specs and with similar designs and perceived saving in the purchase price if you buy a PC will manifest in additional costs later.

Here are all the reason Mac are cheaper to own than PC's:

1) Mac OS X is faster than Microsoft Windows.

I've proven this myself. I've tested (and I have been a PC tester professionally for Electronic Arts) that identical hardware running Mac OS X vs Windows Vista (that's all that was available at the time - don't kid yourself that windows 7 or 8 will be much better) was at the very least twice as fast and up to almost 6 times faster. You may be getting "more memory" and/or a "faster processor", but you need it for the slower operating system. At the end of the day the most important thing is simply how fast the computer runs and the most significant factor which influences machines performance is software, not hardware. Price to performance, I've done the testing and the calculations, Mac is cheaper.

2) Cost of Operating System upgrades:

Have you ever bought a Windows upgrade? They're expensive! I mean, really expensive! At time of writing it ranges for 75$ for the Home Premium to 125$ for the Ultimate version. Mac OS X Lion costs just 30$ (prices in US$). That's 100$ less for the Mac Operating system (Lion is equivalent to the Ultimate version of Windows). Windows upgrades are so expensive that a common practice among PC users is to not pay to upgrade windows but instead buy a new computer with the newer version of windows pre-installed. And Windows users think they are saving money over an Apple Mac? Preposterous.

3) Out of the box useful thanks to quality included Software:

A new Mac comes essential software for our digital lives. iPhoto and iMovie are so good it's ridiculous. There is nothing of a similar quality on a PC (no Picassa doesn't cut it and neither does Windows Movie Maker). Of course you can come close, if you pay.

4) Lower power consumption:

That famous all in one/minimalist design of Apple products has an additional benefit. In order to shoehorn such advanced technology into a machine without making design sacrifices, Apple uses full specification mobile parts. These part generally use less power than a PC "tower". Because they use less power that means you save money on electricity.

5) No antivirus purchase needed:

On a Mac you don't need antivirus software. The reason is simple, Mac OS X is pretty damn secure, not perfect but why would you bother to make a virus for something as secure as Mac OS X when Windows is less secure and far more people use it? If you were creating a virus would you go for the easier system with 9 times the amount of potential victims. You bet you would! You'd be stupid not to.

6) Productivity (time is Money):

If you have a job then you exchange your time (your life) for Money. I bet you are always interested in getting a raise, you think your worth more, right? So why do you pay yourself so little at home by throwing away time thanks to a poorly designed operating system? Mac OS X is fantastic at saving you time. You don't have to scan for viruses, you don't have to clean the registry and there are a vast number of way the Mac OS helps you do things quickly and easily, like sharing a bunch of photos straight Facebook with face already tagged in only a couple of clicks or an email using a great looking html template with even having to find the files on the disk. You save time therefore you save money.

7) Longer lasting:

Mac OS X is slick. It's not as bloated as Windows and Windows continues to get even more bloated over time. Windows has a "registry" which records the essential information about the files each program needs to function (as well as important system information). The longer you use windows, the bigger the registry gets and slower windows becomes. Both Linux and Mac OS X are better because they do things differently. For that reason Macs are perform better longer. Mac users have been statistically shown to purchase new hardware less frequently because their current hardware still performs well and looks good. It's a classic proven cost saving.

8) Resale value:

Ever wanted to sell an old PC? It's hardly worth the bother. Macs on the other hand can still command a reasonable price after a number of years. Given that the amount you end up paying for a product is the purchase price minus the sale price. Don't believe me? look up Ebay, you'll find people will even buy 20 year old Macs for a good few bucks just for the case!

9) Low maintenance:

OS X's lower maintenance means less utility programs are needed. Macs OS X is well built, slick and reliable. Although there are many techies who don't care about this because they can fix things themselves (and often actually enjoy their computers more when they're in pieces), the Mums, Dads and less technical siblings may not be so lucky. Worse , they often accept the recommendation of their "I.T." friend who loves windows because he/she enjoys the configuration needed. If you know what your doing with windows, you should image the disk after install, keep the the registry free from errors and periodically restore your disk image to keep windows running well. Not to mention, protect for viruses, Trojans, mallware etc. The tools to do this cost money and for those who can't do that themselves, having a computer serviced costs even more. Which brings me to the next point…

10) (practically) Free servicing:

If you live near an Apple store and anything goes wrong, just take it back to the Apple store and they'll fix it and (often) show you how to do it at the same time. No charge (mostly - depends on machine/problem). To get the same level of service in the PC world, you will have to pay for it.

11) Better commercial Software:

Did you know that dollar for dollar you get higher quality software on a Mac for much less than windows software? I'm not even talking about the fantastic essential software which comes with a Mac (a suite of beautiful programs with immaculate functionality called iLife), no, I'm talking about amazing apps from the Mac App store. Most mac programs are often made by (you guessed it) Mac people. People who like clean professional highly functional programs which have best in class abilities but are also easy to use. They create beautiful programs and sell them via the Apple Mac App store for a price generally much lower than a windows alternative (the make up the difference by selling in higher volumes). Apple does it too, the program "pages" is a great example; it's a word processor and publishing program in one, with professional templates for creating perfect documents. In my opinion, Microsoft Word can't touch it. It cost just $15.99. Microsoft Word is currently around the $100 mark (a bit more or less depending where you buy).

12) Cheaper infrastructure for businesses:

For small businesses to enterprise, Apple Macs represent by far the best value for the license cost of each computer. Especially managing business accounts. To turn a Mac into a server, all you need to do is download the server app from the app store and install it. With iCloud, much of work for the infrastructure of synchronizing accounts for company personnel can be externalized and therefore so are the costs.

Wrap up:

So there you have it. Twelve reasons why Macs are cheaper than PC's. Please remember that if you a hobbyist computer builder and/or software pirate, you may not agree. I'm not trying to "Convert" anyone. I simply posted this so I don't have to explain myself a thousand times. You are free to form your own opinion.

I would also like to acknowledge that the Apple entry level is never as low as for a PC. Quite simply you can buy very cheap PC's. So if your budget is really tight and you cant find enough for a Mac you may be tempted. My advice is to finance a Mac to get the long term saving's. Apple cares about the quality of it's devices and doesn't make computers that people aren't going to love. In essence it will never caters to the cheaper end of the market because it doesn't feel the user experience will represent the quality that the brand stands for. Just remember Macs are cheaper than PC's when when you consider the life of the machine and compare to models with similar specifications.