iPad gush, why you/everyone should own an iPad.

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For quite a long time I have been holding back on facebook, I don't want to subject my friends to over-enthusiastic posts about my iPad. One of the reasons for this is that in the group of people who don't have an iPad there exists two subsets of people called "Apple haters" and "Sick of Apple Newsers". Some of my friends happen to fit into this group. Really I could post every day how my iPad makes me giggle about how amazing and useful it is, but they would soon get bored of it and start to resent me.

But, well, I have to say it somewhere... the iPad is amazing! No, it's ubermazing! I really cannot recommend it enough and I think everyone should have one.

It's cheap:

AppZapp on iPad shoowing Top Free Paid Apps

Some people don't like the purchase price of the iPad. That astounds me. My first computer had far less power, cost over $7,500 and you couldn't carry it with you, heck, I could barely even carry it full stop. More relevant than that is the vast amount of high quality free or cheap software you can get for the iOS (the system that iPad/iPhone use) means despite the upfront cost (which you could finance or hire-purchase) for the iPad you pay very little for apps. My ipad is full of great usefull apps and educational games for the children. I do everything on it! Run my business, email, tweet, post, blog, time manage, play, video and photo clips, science tools, photo and art exploration, reading, making music... the list is too long to write, but the most important thing is that I have hardly had to pay for any of the apps I use. When I did pay they normally cost only $0.99. So don't get hung up on the price, buy from Apple over 12 months if that works better for you but get and iPad, you'll love it.

Great for parents:

iPad screenshot showing Kids Apps

I have a five year old and a two year old and they love the iPad. The best thing about it is not all the amazing vibrant and engaging kids apps that I have for it, it's the fact that the kids really work thing out and learn on it. It also gives me a quieter life without having to resort to sticking them in front of the TV. I feel better when my children have been playing on the iPad because they really seem to learn things worthwhile which manifest in daily life. My son will often talk about things he learnt about on the iPad. Also, we regularly play on it together, it's something we can all enjoy. My son likes to design game levels for me to play and my two year old daughter just wants to show me how well she can do things on the iPad it has given her a great sense of achievement.


iPad screenshot showing some Games

Holey mother of fud, the iPad is a portable gaming powerhouse! I am a hardcore gamer and I play more on the iPad now than I do on my computer. That's because I can pick it up and jump straight in to a game in an instant, no matter where I am. Strategy, RPG, FPS, quirky casual game, the iPad has everything. The best part is I can play for 2 mins while I wait for something and then carry on with my game later, the iPad is ready to go in fractions of a second and if your in the middle of a game you can just turn it off and pick up where you left off later. Forget NDS or PSP/VITA. This is it. No question.


iPad screenshot showing some business/productivity apps

The iPad is a managers dream (I am one BTW). Contact, Accounting, spreadsheeting, planning, tasks list and of course email/social networks. There is not better platform that I have ever used to aid in getting done all the jobs a manager has to do. And cheaply. I use an accounting program which cost about $50 (easybooks) for the full version but is comparable to a program I used to use on Mac/PC which cost over $500, with the advantage that I don't have to go anywhere to use it. When a job is finished, I write the invoice and send it by email with just a couple of taps. If you in any position of responsibility for any company you'd be mad not to own one. Gone are the days of booting up a laptop, here are the days of getting it done.

Everyone should have one, in some cases, instead of a desktop computer:

For those who know technology, it's a powerusers dream. It connects to every web service you need and can be used to act, react, monitor and manage. It does 90% of what a desktop computer can do but nicer. For the not so tech savvy I believe they should have an iPad as their main computer. My parents mainly use email, skype and browse the internet. They, like many of their generation would benefit by using an iPad. It has everything they want, plus they don't have to go anywhere special to use it. More important than that, it's extremely easy to use, after all, you already know how to use it  - you've been using your fingers for years! Wrap up: I'm nuts over how great my iPad is, kinda like that crazy video of Steve Ballmer running around on stage waving his arms yelling how much he loved Microsoft. I want to do that about my iPad. It goes without saying I sincerely recommend it and I'm certain you'll love it as much as I do. Would any other tablet be as good? Well, it will give no doubt you similar advantages like a computer you can carry which you can operate with your fingers and is instantly on, but I can't honestly even remotely reccomend that you risk that the build quality, battery life, ease of use and most importantly software will ever match what the iPad has to offer. My advice: Don't save a few bucks and settle for anything less and don't get a netbook. Get yourself an iPad and do it now. The sooner you have it the sooner you can start making it work for you. Before you do, you can take a look when to buy a mac, just check to see if an updated model is right around the corner.