Failblog iPad app fail

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Multithumb found errors on this page:

There was a problem loading image
There was a problem loading image
There was a problem loading image


I had to ROFL. Many of you know fail blog, a great source of amusement showing us the height of idiociy. Imagine my surprise when I download the blogs poorly executed iPad app which conceals the content with the user interface. Epic fail.

The above picture should read "The other children?, They tasted wonderful", you can see the bottom line but the top line is totally obscured. This would likely affect allot of content. The actual fail blog app fails. Classic.

After using it I noticed even more fails, suffice as to say it has now been deleted from my iPad, but not before I snapped a few more pics of faildom.....


In this screenshot 12 fail pics, that's all there was folks. 12. Unlike the blog with thousands. If you scrolled upp or down, more connent was supposed to load. I say supposed to because, guessed what?....    it failed.