iPad Apps stuck or hung in waiting mode unable to download.

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Your iPad app is stuck download and says "waiting" and no matter what you do you can't fix it. Sound familiar? Here´s how to fix it:

To make things quicker here are the steps. For more info, check the description below (and please let me know if you fixed your iPad app waiting problems in the comments at the bottom):

To fix the Apps stick in waiting:

Step 1 - Reboot the ipad (and check if the app is no longer stuck waiting, if it is, try step two)
Step 2 - Re-update the app through the App Store on the iPad

Step 1 - Reboot the iPad. I don't just mean turn it on or off (actually when you press the outside button, you're not really turning it off/on, you're putting it/waking from sleep). I mean reboot.

To reboot the iPad hold the home button (on the front of the ipad) together with the on/off button (on the side) for about 5 seconds. You will get a "slide to power off" screen. Slide it to power off. Now hold the side button for a few seconds to run it on again.

Step 2 - Re-update the app through the App Store on the iPad. Tap the Apple App Store icon on your iPad and check the updates section. Look for the app which is stuck waiting and tap it to update it. After putting in your Apple ID you should be able to go download it ok (provided you did step one)

Most of the time you will need to do BOTH steps 1 AND 2 in order to get those happ to finish downloading.

Work for you?