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Steve Jobs contribution to society

Right now, there are a lot of Apple haters. I'm not going to comment on that here, regardless what you think of Apple you need to at least understand that Steve Jobs and Apple are not the same thing. Steve was an incredible guy and had a profound impact on YOUR life, sure he made his mistakes as I make mine and you make yours, but he is not around anymore and the very least you can do is learn a little bit about how he changed your life before you diss him on the internet. His memory and his family deserve a little more respect than that.

1) Video Games:

Steve Jobs help bring computer video games forward by years. Although it's well known, not everyone is aware that Steve Jobs was once fired from the company he co-founded (Apple). He later returned, but during his hiatus he founded a company called NeXT with the idea of creating a better operating system by building an API which (put simply) allowed an easier method for writing programs. In short, it  reduce the workload for programmers so they were able to spend more time actually innovating rather that writing computer code. One of the first innovators was a guy called John Carmack. If you love games you would know he is the co-creator of Wolfenstien 3D and co-founder of ID software. John Carmack and co made one of the all time most significant contributions to video game history with the game Doom (specifically the software rendering engine it used). That game (Doom) was written using a NeXT computer using the API's developed by Steve Jobs and co and it is widely considered the only machine of the era capable of facilitating this.

2) The Internet.

It is widely recognized that Sir Tim Berners-Lee "invented" the internet. Did you know he did it on a NeXT box? Yup, that same machine made by Jobs and co. on which John Carmack wrote Doom was used by Sir Tim Berners-lee to "invent" the internet. So before you go and hate Steve Jobs online please take a second to see the irony of you action before you post. Even though a system for the mass interconnection of computing devices would have inevitably been created, it happened sooner thanks to Sir Tim Berners-Lee and of course Steve Jobs.

3) Steve Jobs brought WIMP to the masses.

Even though he didn't invent the system (go on trolls, say he "stole" it), Steve Jobs recognized the potential of the Windows, Icons, Menu's and Pointer (WIMP) user interface that Xerox created. He went on to <drastically> improve it and bring to the masses. Xerox did't even see the potential, so Steven P Jobs developed a beautiful WIMP operating system and made it available on the Mac in 1984,  it further inspired imitation in the form of Microsofts Windows operating system. In fact, if you use any form of modern operating system which uses windows and pointer you can rest assured that it's in no small part a copy of the system Steve Jobs and co commercialized.

4) 3D in movies.

You like movies right? I mean, who doesn't? Did you know that the company Pixar animation studios was originally part of the Computer Division of Lucasfilm? It was one failing (do you remember "howard the duck"?) until it was rescued by Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs basically stipulated only that anything that they (Pixar) produce should have to be epic (my words, not his, his version was longer). Pixar animation studios almost single handled birth the the genre "computer generated animation" the quality of which is light years ahead how it would have looked without the help of Steve Jobs.

Even without the paradigm shift Apple gave us with iOS and the iPhone an informed person cannot deny the positive influence Steve Jobs had on the world. As it turns out, Steve Job wasn't perfect, you might want to read my answer to Steve Jobs criticisms (upcoming post), but then who of us is?

So in the end if you like 3D movies (or movies with 3D effects), video games, use the internet or a computer running windows or linux then sure, you don't have to revere Steve Jobs but you'd be pretty ungrateful if you hate him, after all, he did a lot for you - and he did it because he cared about improving your (our) world.