#Android continues to scare the shit out of me, one of the reasons I switched to the #iphone

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Holy shit. This is how easy it is to break into an Android phone?

I gave up on Andriod long ago. My Android phone was buggy, laggy and took terrible photos. One day it telephoned the local police while it was resting in my pocket. Then Igave up and I purchased an iPhone 5S wow, what a difference. To be fair, it WAS a cheap Android phone and the iPhone, well, .. was not. But one of the things which caused me to switch was the unending security flaws, I had spent too long thinking "it'll never happen to me and soon those flaw will be patched anyway" and when the software on my computer stopped working/updating my phone. I decided I wasn't enjoying owning this phone with so many security alerts. I also decided that buying a new phone every few years to reduce the security risks is not saving money, so I got an iPhone. I will never go back.

So since then I have seen many exploits and security holes publish about various android devices or chips/components used in them. There have been so many I stopped keeping track. No when I say "security is a main reason" <I don't have an Android device> and people ask me what about security in particular.. I genuine can't remember the specifics of all the sometimes-small and sometimes-serious security problems. So if I'm talking to a android I try to change the subject. Being involved in I.T. I see alerts all the time about Andriod and even Google’s own security researchers proved that the latest system for tightening Android security is not particularly effective (when actually, it needs to be 100% effective).

And then, well…. then there's things like this (video embedded below) It appears you can get into any android device even the latest version, simply with the patience needed to create an unfeasibly large password.

So if you use and Android phone, just make sure it's up to date and you know everything you need to know about the system to stay safe. Oh and… good luck, I genuinely hope nothing bad happens to any of us.