Lying about HD to sell a tablet

Published in Apple

I once bought a Hercules HD webcam. It was not HD. I’ll never buy Hercules again.

Honesty is important. It’s why I like apple products, they deliver not only on the promise of features, but also usability and quality. I simply never have buyers remorse. Take my iPad 2 for example. I’m still using it heavily 5 years after I bought it.

With that in mind, take a look at what landed in my inbox courtesy of Spanish PC component supplier App Informatica. Shame on you APP, 1200x800px is not “Full HD”. Although It's not AS bad (because they do at least display the actually pixel resolution), not everybody understands these specs and it makes me a little mad that even one person might be duped this way. It's also not helping Android if someone buys this product and doesn’t think their HD screen is very good… oh well…


Android tablet lies about HD