How to delete email addresses that appear when you start typing in the Apple Mial App

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So you’ve just realized that every time you try to send someone an email, the mail app present you with an old address instead of their new one. It autocompletes the mail recipient with an email that may not even work anymore even though you know the new email. Or it may just be that you have spelled an email incorrectly in Apple Mail App and although it bounced back, it also keeps appearing in the mail apps autocomplete function. Whatever the reason, you need to delete an email that’s old or incorrect to stop it from autofilling.
How to delete old email addresses that autocomplete in Apple Mail.

OK it’s true, you could just try to be vigilant, and try to select the right email every time, but it would be better to delete the old invalid email and get it out of your autocomplete system on Apple Mail app right? Right?  Here’s how:

The Apple mail app records the email everyone you have received an email from. It makes it easy to send people an email even if they are not stored in your Contacts App. But it can be really annoying once they change their email address or if you make the mistake and spell it incorrectly once.

To remove a person’s old email address:

1) Open Apple Mail and click on ‘Window’ > ‘Previous Recipients’

Mail window previouse recipients screenshot

2) Find the offending email, click it and then the ‘Remove from List’ button.

Previous reciepients remove button screenshot

Remember: Anytime someone notifies you that their email has changed of course you should update their email in your contacts so it syncs to your iPhone and iPad, but you can also take the time to delete old invalid emails from Apples Mail app as explained above, once you get in the habit you will benefit from fewer email problems.