Art app Affinity (@MacAffinity) is Vector and Rasta in one, get in on the FREE beta. It's a big recommend for Mac artists.

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This week I discovered yet another art program for an Apple MAC looking to dethrone Adobe Illustrator, or is it setting it sights on Photoshop? It's hard to say because this baby does both vector and rasta; At once.

Affinity designer free beta
Sure Pixelmater can too and iDraw also has great options for getting down with your pixel loving self, but after a few short minutes I can recommend you take a look at Affinity it looks like a doozy and at a reasonably price.
The toolset really looks like it might facilitate some really great art via new workflow paridigm, as always, that will be decide by the artists.
Right now you can get in on the public beta and try it for yourself, so why wouldn't you?
Check out how to download the beta here:
Just some amazing artwork made on Affinity