Fun #Mac concept: The Mac Mini Round

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Mac Mini Short round concept with Apple like tag line

First let me say, I'm not serious about this. I am currently waiting for the next generation of Mac Mini's. Apple is taking an unusually long period of time to release a new Mac mini which is inconvenient because I want to buy about 5. One would hope Apple has good reason for this, perhaps it's prepping a new design. So while I wait, I have been think about what they might do with it and I came up a new Mac Mini design concept.

I started by thinking, what do I want from a Mac Mini. I love the Mac Mini the way it is and only hope to two improvements. I'm sure Apple will will do one but not the other. First, I would live to see the Mac Mini come default with SSD storage (I'm sure that Apple will add that soon hopefully in the next revision). Second I would love a discrete GPU. A discrete GPU is something I'm not so sure Apple will ever do, especially now that Intel processors have pretty good integrated graphics (I would happy if the Mac Mini had Read Iris Pro graphics the best current intel integrated graphics). But I buy Mac Minis for my family and also recommend them to friends who want to switch to Mac. I'm currenty using them to swap out ALL the computers at work as I transition the company to Apple computers. But because I play lots of games a discrete card would make a huge difference to me. The reason I haven't purchased an iMac is that I still have Big screens and good keyboard mouse form the old PC days and now I wan a New Mac Mini for my son and myself.

But imagine if Apple did make a Mac mini with a desecrate GPU. What would it look like?  I imagined that inside the Mac Mini there would be a motherboard, SSD and a graphics card.. hmmm… that could be made in three circuit boards, much like the Mac Pro. So what if Apple did make the Mac a Mac Mini in a similar style? I came up with the fun idea of a Mac Pro mini. A shortened version of the Mac Pro with lower specs (but hopefully good GPU!). Then I pumped out a (pretty budget) 3D render on Cinema 4D of what that might look like in the same aluminium that the current Mac Mini has.

So here it is: A shortened Aluminium Mac sort of like a Mac Pro Mini (sitting next to the Mac Pro):

Mac pro and Mac Mini short concept.
For some additional fun I imagined what would it look like if the Mac Mini went fanless and was fabricated in a round enclosure. It would need the internal column like the Mac pro should could be made in a kind of Puck format:

Round Mac mini