Two beautiful videos about the birth of modern computers that #Mac users will love.

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Xerox invented some of the most significant innovations in commuter history like the mouse and the GUI. Apple Computer (as it used to be called) then fine tuned these technologies with a flair for creating user friendly productivity orientated computers and came up with something truly revolutionary; the Mac. Released in 1984 the Apple Mac really did establish a new path for computers which every piece of technology since has followed.

Here are a couple of great videos about the early days of the Mac that graphic designers around at the time will particularly enjoy.
Bear in mind that at the time graphic designers did page layout on paper. Layouts were ruled with a colour called "non reproducible blue" because it wouldn't register when the art was finally photographed (yes!) in preparation to make a printing plate. Images were stuck on using glue or wax (that's where we got the term "cut and paste") and type was made either by hand or later by transferring from a sheet of transfer paper. If your old enough, you may even remember the type which was pressed off transfer paper by scribbling on the paper from the top side with a pencil or pen, before computers and printers finally made it to every household this was commonly used for heading in school projects - it was called "Letraset".