How to get access to your iCloud text edit files

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How to get access to your iCloud text edit files when it all goes wrong.
Recently I had a problem trying to access to my iCoud texedit files on my Mac running OS X because text edit crashing for no reason whenever I connected to iCloud. It simply wouldn't open and I had no way to get at my iCloud files.
So here are some alternative ways I have discovered to get access to your Textedit files if you can't get them the usually way or if you simply want to copy them like normal files.
Lets start with the easy way first:
1) Copy your textedit files from iCould and onto a disk or pen drive via the textedit app:
If you aren't having any problems with iCloud and have a bunch of textedit files you want to copy to another disk, the solution is easier than you think. When you start Textedit on Mac OS X and you are signed in to your Apple Account, connected to iCloud you will be greeted with a box showing you you texedit files save in iCloud (assuming you have been saving you textedit files in iCloud). You can simply drag and drop them into a folder, onto the desktop or a connected hard disk or pen drive.
drag and drop icloud
(you can simply drag and drop iCloud texedit files form the textedit app, sometime people don't think to try this)
If you are having some kind of problem which stops you from launching textedit or otherwise accessing you iCloud files try these solutions:
2) Connect iCloud to a new account:
On your own computer, or for more sever problems, on another computer, create a new user account by clicking the Apple icon (top left) and clicking System Preferences>Users and Groups. You will need to click the lock icon and enter your computer administrator password (not your m iCloud Password) in order to make changes. Then you can clot the plus icon to create a new account. After that just close the window and go back and click the Apple icon>Log out   . Log in to the new account you created and connect it to you iCloud account. Run textedit and with a little luck you can see the window it all your files, so you can drag an drop them to another disk and the log off and delete the user account.
users and-groups dialogue box
3) Go to where the iCloud textedit files are locally stored.
iCloud Textedit files are are stored in library/mobile documents. The open this folder, make sure you are in Finder (the Mac file system, used when you have a window open or just the desktop) and hold down the alt key and click go>library (the library folder is not visible unless you hold alt). In the large list of folders you will see, "mobile documents" open it and you should be able to find a folder for textedit files here. This is also the local location for mail, notes, numbers and pages files. 
local disk loaction for icoloud files