Why you should get an iPhone.

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This is not a review, nor is it an extensive analysis.  It's just what I think. That is not to say I haven't spent more time on this subject than anyone really should, it is after all part of my job. Not only that, but if I were a super hero, I would be Captain due diligence. I can't buy socks without comparing 20 pairs. Drives my wife nuts.
I also want to point out that the iPhone isn't necessarily the best in every possible way, but it's the best in a large number of ways. When I bought my iPad, I also got a cheap Android phone. It's no very good (really is isn't) but it was cheap and it's good that they <cheap phones> exist.
So here why I think the iPhone is the undisputed king:
  • Security - iPhone pwns
  • Responsiveness - iPhone is ready and waiting.
  • Cognitive load - iPhone doesn't strain your brain
  • Build quality - iPhone is slicker and tougher
  • Computational power - iPhone kicks bottom
  • Phone features - iPhone got what you need.
  • Phone camera - iPhone best equal with a couple of standout competitors.
  • Lifespan - iPhone lasts better
  • Resale value - you get big bucks back on your iPhone
  • Fantastic user experience - you'll love an iPhone
  • Quality and quantity of software - OMG such great software built just for your iPhone
  • Style - I like good looking things.
Security. Apple screens all the apps prior to making them available for iOS on the app store. It does not allow access to the source code of it's operating system, but Andriod is open source, so everyone one who wants to can see the programming code an search for ways attack it (and you). 99.9% of mobile malware is available for Android. The other 0.01%? Other mobile operating systems not Apples iOS. Also because it's easier to upgrade, more people do it leaving less phones with old exploits that hackers can use, ergo, less attractive to hackers.
Responsiveness. Most of what you perceive as power or speed on your phone is actually responsiveness. How quickly the phone responds to your touch. This is incredibly important and Apple leads the way. Ever since it's very first products Apple declared that the user must be king and builds into it's systems. Hardware and software work together to obey the users commands without delay. A recent study compared responsiveness across platforms and iOS came ahead (twice as fast) as Samsungs Galaxy S4.
Cognitive load. iOS has been proven to have less cognitive load. Windows Phone also scores well in this area but Andriod falls flat. Basically it requires less brain power to use an iPhone making it more accessible to those who aren't tech friendly and allow those with technical ability to use their mental resources on more productive things than operating the phone.
Build quality. The iPhone has the highest build quality imaginable. The fit and finish of the device is equal, if not better than an expensive watch. No other phone has yet to impress me with it's build quality like every single iPhone has. Sure some are quite nice, but the iPhone is in a class of it's own.
Camera. Every iPhone ever has had a top notch camera. As I write this, I own and use a Sony Ericsson Xperia running Android, and the camera is rubbish. My wife's iPhone 4S has an amazing camera. Given that the camera is one of the most important functions for me, when my contract is up, I'm changing to an iPhone. To be fair there are other phones with great cameras (Nokia Lumina 1020 and HTC one etc) but they don't match the iPhone in other areas.
iPhone Camera Reviews:
Processing Power. The iPhone 5s has a monster processor. It has more transistors than and XBox 360 and more than most of the computer you use. in. a. phone. It's a portable computer/console and it's operating system has al sorts of amazing technology to squeeze every ounce of battery life out of the device while still performing like a hand held supercomputer. There are close contenders but with the hardware/software synergy the iPhone has, nothing has ever beaten it for sheer computational power.
Phone features. All the features you wan't, none that you don't. The iPhone connects you and allows you to do amazing things without cluttering the device. There is no shortage of great software. It is true that there are a couple of pretty neat things that don't end up on the iPhone because they contravene Apples strict app rules, but theres good reason for that and the iPhone is built to serve you well with brilliant functionality and cloud synchronisation.
Lifespan. Some people actually complain that Apple brings out new models so quickly that your phone is obsolete too quickly. Thats flat out wrong. Apple upgrades in much the same way other companies do, but because Apple is the only one with the iPhone/iOS the upgrade cycle is more noticeable with Apple products. Once you dig further you see that the biggest misconception is that the products are made obsolete, in truth Apple devices statistically last longer. The fact they Apple doesn't sell lower end underpowered models means the latest system can be installed for a long time after date of purchase. An Apple iPhone will give you an incredible device lifespan.
Just check out this chart about how long after you purchase your phone it is able to use the latest oprating system. As I write this, the latest version of Andriod is on a little over 1% of Android phones and actually the older version is gain market share faster. If you look at Apple, iOS 7 is on about 75% of Apple devices. because as this chart shows, unlike Android, most iPhones can use the latest OS.
fidlee ios vs android adoption support
Better resale value. Got an old Android phone? You might get a couple of bucks for it.  Got an old iPhone, and people will fight you for it. iPhone owners are often in the position of being able to sell their unlocked phone for more than it cost for the latest iPhone subsidised.
Fantastic user experience. iPhone is the unquestionable user experience leader, I say that as an iOS and Android user. But forget my opinion, try 9 straight years winner of user satisfaction award from J.D. Power and Associates (9 straight years!). iOS and the high quality manufacturing and material used in every iPhone mean when you want to do something, the iPhone responds to your every whim in the simplest and most pleasant way possible.
Better overall quality and quantity of software. To be honest, iOS and Android both have a great selection of software available, it's hardly worth trying to pick a winner. Except, I notice the play store has a lot of passable apps and I have also come across apps marked by reviewers as malware. The Apple App store is well stocked and for the most part, the App quality.
Style. The iPhone sets the bar for style. Everything follows. There are some nice looking phones, but, well, they are just not iPhones.
iphone and everything else
I like the other phones too and I like what you can get for very little money, but once you start to look at the higher end, why would you bother with anything other than an iPhone?
...and remember "gold is best!".