Top online tools for web designers and graphic designers

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 Subtle Backgrounds

Here is a little list of some great online tools for web designers and graphic designers.


These are tools I use on an almost daily basis, in no particular order here is my...

Top online tools for designers list:

What the font

Cant find the name of a font? Take a foto and upload it to what the font. What the font will then analys it and tell you the fint name.


Unmask Parasites

I hope you never have any websites hacked but if you do here is a good way to track down nasties.

Subtle Backgrounds

Definately one of my fav's how often do you need a subtle background?


PR Checker.png

Check your Google Page Rank, I only have a PR1 (I just started this new blog), feel free to link to me (thanks).




You can never have enough tools to test web page load times, so try Pingdom.



Pictaculous. Upload your image - get a colour palette (like it says).


Pagespeed tools


Google has it's own speed checker Page Speed Insights.



A quick way to make a favicon form gifs and png's and jpegs into a favicon.

Fix my HTML

Got a piece of bad code and you can't seam to find the error in the html. Driving you nuts? Try Fix my HTML (and for fun, click "Are you a pottymouth").

 Basic Image Map

These day you shouldn't be using tables. But what is the alternative to tables? The answer is image maps. You can use this free online image mapping tool to create HTML code for 'hotspots' on an image which will direct the user to a URL when clicked.


web site performance

Not the prettiest of all page load speed checkers, by a good tool nonetheless (here).



Looking for more colour inspiration. Try this.



And easy way to make infographics, why not? (Note: Requires registration)