How to create a booket in Apple Pages Mac.

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Pages is awesome. I love it. But with the version I have (Pages 09), you can't easily create a booklet. That is, until you install "Create Booklet". It's a free add-on to Pages which makes it super easy to create PDF booklets directly from pages with the pages correctly collated to print (putting the first and last pages together), and staple/bind in a book or booklet format.
It makes creating a Booklet in Pages "Mac easy".
Please note: When I wrote this, the app was free, now it cost $9.99 on the app store. I'm not sure that it's worth that much, but it does do the job as advertised.
Go ahead and download it here: Create Booklet
  1. Simply install it and open your pages file.
  2. Then go to print it, but instead of printing it you clock on the PDF icon in the bottom  left corner and choose "Create Booklet".Create-booklet-option-in-pages.jpg
  3. A PDF will open in Preview.
  4. Apple Mac OS X Lion or earlier, you can use "file>save as" to put it where you want.
  5. Apple Mac OS X Mountain Lion (or later) you should use "file>move to" to eminently move the file where you want.