What to do after installing Gutenprint drivers on OS X mountain lion

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I just installed OS X Mountain Lion and found my old printer drivers were not compatible (I have an HP 1220C).

Eventually I found my way to Gutenprint a source of old printer drivers for Mac, Windows and Linux.

To see if your printer is supported, check the Gutenprint supported printers list.

I downloaded it and installed it.

Now what? I didn't know what to do next! I could find any installed program to run, I tried adding a printer in system preferences. Nope. I simply couldn't find out what to do next and the website was much help either. I am a 20 year veteran of multiple operating systems and an IT guy. If I can't find out what to do next, what chance do other people have?

Rather than send of an email for help, I tried one last time to comb the Gutenprint FAQ's. That's were I found my noob mistake. FAQ 20: "OK, I just installed Gutenprint on Mac OS 10.2 (or later) and I tried to print but I can't figure out how to set up my printer in print center."

The problem was that I had assumed that after Gutenprint was installed I could just go ahead and add the printer in the system preferences. This is completely true BUT the printer MUST first be switched on and connected (duh). I thought I could just choose the printer from a list and later connect it, but if the printer is not connected and switched on, it will not appear in the list. Because nothing appeared in the list I had hit a wall.

Moral of this story if you install Gutenprint on Mac OS X and can't add or see your printer in the system preferences, make sure it is on and connected. After that installing the printer was a breeze and the driver works great (as good as - if not better than the original).

oh yea, and um... if all else fails, read the faq.