New Microsoft Logo looks like Apple Corporate Font.

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New Microsoft looks like Apple corporate font

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I'm a trained graphic artist and I have worked with fonts for over twenty years. It's amazing how many fonts exist and yet how hard it can be to find the one you want. There are plenty of great new fonts to choose from or you could go down the facebook route and simply design each letter from scratch. It seams Microsoft took a somewhat more direct approach and chose a font remarkably similar to Apple's corporate font "Myriad Pro".

Actually it's more than likely to be the Myriad Pro clone that has been shipping with Microsoft Office or Windows (maybe both-I'm not sure) recently. I noticed a few years ago that the default powerpoint font was a Microsoft clone of Myriad Pro (Called "Segoe" - thaks for those who commented). I guess Microsoft wanted to help people to do presentations like Steve Jobs and to be honest, it worked!

Whichever way you look at it it's insane the after 25 years Microsoft updates it's Corporate logo and uses a type style similar to that of its largest competitor (and long time Arch-enemy) Apple Inc. It is as hilarious as it is unthinkable. Whats your take?


In case you missed it,  I am criticizing the choice of one corporation re-designing their logo and the result resembling the competitions corporate font. Much like if Pepsi Co. used a very similar font to Coca Cola's corporate font in their new logo.

Also, this is NOT a Mac vs PC thing and has nothing else to do with either company other than the logo. It's a design critique. I'm not accusing Microsoft of copying or even actually using the Myriad Pro font. I'm just saying the new Microsoft logo can be constructed (more or less) from Apple's corporate font with minimal tweaks and I wanted to show this in an amusing way. I just think they could have done so much better.

Some people accused me in the comments of not knowing enough about typography. Maybe because in a moment of vacantness I couldn't remember the name of the font Segoe or maybe because the font's are not actually 100% identical. To help you make your own decision here is "Microsoft" written in Segoe Semi Bold (Pink) over the top of Myriad Pro semibold (black) with the "M" and "s" altered as per my steps above:

Microsoft in Segoe over Microsoft in Myriad Pro

Make up you own mind.