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Take a look at the price difference for an upgrade of Windows, vs an upgrade for Mac OS X:

Cost of windows vs cost of Mountain Lion


One of the reasons PC users think they pay less is because many of them either only upgrade the operating system when they buy a new PC or they pirate the operating system and pay nothing for it.

What they don't see are all the people in the world who do upgrade windows AND PAY FOR IT. Often those are people bought their computer following a recommendation that PC's are cheaper. But are they?

I've written about the 12 reasons macs are cheaper before, but this image I saw on a prominent gadget blog today (16.08.2012) reminded me of the false savings of a PC for most people.

Here are three things to remember (but there are many more):

  1. A windows upgrade cost much more than an Apple system upgrade (according to tays info over seven times as much)
  2. Apple makes computers with particular attention to design. The iMac and the Mac mini use power sipping parts normally reserved for laptops. This equates to a lot of power savings over the years.
  3. At the end of it's life an Apple computer still has reasonable resale value. Thanks to the high design quality of a Mac a (and the ticket price) there are always people looking to buy the budget Mac that Apple doesn't sell.

So when you go to choose a computer, don't just look at the ticket price, think about how much it will cost you, in the end.

Oh and make sure you do your research. Don't just accept any computer is as good as another, get some real advice from the people who use them and try to make an informed decision based on your needs, be it PC or Mac.