Father meets universe

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I've heard, that all the stars in the universe will eventually burn out, leaving the universe in darkness. This will however take a long time. How long? We'll, if you were to represent one year with a single atom, there wouldn't be enough atoms in the universe to count the years until the universe will go dark.

Recently I was lying in bed in the middle of New Delhi, India, unable to sleep, my son, five years old, lay next to me and although his sister and mother had achieved a blissful sate of slumber, like me, he was afflicted with insomnia.

He leaned over and whispered in my ear; "tickle my tummy please daddy", so I did.

It took about 20 minutes of stroking and tickling until he was asleep. That was all he needed.

I thought about how in the scope of the universe this was such an un believably small period of time my poor brain couldn't even begin to conceive it.  Despite the knowledge of how fleeting this moment of time was, as I watched my sons eyes fall closed, I still could no help but be washed with an intense feeling of utter significance.

My son and I in Dehli, India